Finding Solace: Bereavement

In moments of grief, you are not alone. At BirthRoot, we extend our compassionate arms to help you navigate the difficult path of loss. Our bereavement doula services are a source of comfort, understanding, and gentle guidance as you find your way towards healing.”

Bereavement support


Bereavement Doula Services

  • Birth attendance: Hello before goodbye 
  • Postpartum support 6-8 weeks of care
  • Funeral Planning

Guidance Through grief

  • One Step at a Time.
  • Healing Conversations.
  • Honoring Memories.
  • Creating Meaning

Safe Space

  • Listening with Compassion
  • Individualized Support.
  • Artistic Expression 
  • Guided Remembrance 

Stories of Resilience

Every grief journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Explore the stories of those who have walked this path with BirthRoot, finding solace, empowerment, and renewed strength amidst their loss

You're Not Alone



Our doulas walk alongside you, offering a listening ear, a steady hand, and a heart ready to share your burdens. We are your companions in this journey, standing as pillars of strength during your times of Vulnerability. 


Emotional Support

With a compassionate touch and genuine understanding, we offer the emotional support you need to find solace, heal, and eventually find your way back to a place of peace.


Ceremony and Remembrance

Our bereavement doula services guide you in creating heartfelt ceremonies. From intimate candlelit vigils. We ensure that your tributes are as unique as the relationships you hold dear.


Resourceful Guidance

Navigating the practical aspects of loss can be daunting, which is why we provide resourceful guidance to help ease the burden. Whether it’s connecting you with grief support groups, assisting with memorial planning, or sharing coping strategies, we empower you with tools that aid your healing journey.

Healing Hearts Together

Join The Journey of Healing and Resillience