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BirthRoot Community Doula’s holistic approach and dedicated team of experienced doulas hold promise in tackling the pressing issue of Black maternal childbirth disparities. By providing personalized, compassionate care, BirthRoot aims to counteract the historical biases and lack of agency that Black birthing individuals often face. The emphasis on tailored guidance, open communication, and advocacy aligns with the need to empower Black individuals to make informed decisions and navigate healthcare systems more effectively. Furthermore, BirthRoot’s commitment to staying informed about the latest maternal health practices is essential for addressing the systemic gaps in care.

The BirthRoot Care Plan

Comprehensive + Certified Support + Resource Navigation in any Birth Outcome


Our dedicated team of experienced doulas is here to stand by your side, offering guidance, comfort, and expertise throughout your birthing process.


We recognize that the loss of a child after delivery is an ordeal that no one should bear alone. Birth Root is ready to give steadfast support and compassion during your journey of birth bereavement.

Post Partum

We have a skilled group of caring doulas ready to provide you individualized, research-based advice on all aspects of postpartum care and baby wellbeing.

Lactation Support

We recognize that the challenges and joy of motherhood are best shared with individuals who genuinely understand. That's why we provide compassionate and powerful support groups as part of our doula services.

Choose Us Because We Choose You!

Our caring doulas are committed to giving you the attention, education, and comfort you deserve. Make an appointment right now to start your road toward positivity, empowerment, and peace of mind.

Transform Lives:
Donate Time, Expertise, and Treasure


Become a beacon of comfort by volunteering your time. Your presence during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum and grief can make an immeasurable difference in a family’s journey. 


Are you an educator, caregiver, love to cook partner with us to give seminars, workshops, or one-on-one sessions to equip women with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.


Every dollar you provide serves as a ripple of change, helping families in need. Whether it’s a one-time gift or a regular gift, your support immediately translate into moments of strength and car for new mothers